The Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand was founded in November 1995. The principal aim of SMAANZ is to encourage scholarly inquiry into sport management related research and to provide the opportunity to present results from this research. SMAANZ conducts an annual conference to facilitate the presentation of sport management related research. It has established a refereed journal, the Sport Management Review. The conference and journal are the vehicles through which sport management related research will be communicated.

Specifically the purposes are:

  • To encourage scholarly enquiry in sport management
  • To provide a forum to present and communicate buy ativan fast shipping results of sport management related research
  • To enhance the application of management theory to the sports context
  • To facilitate the ongoing professional conduct of sport management
  • To facilitate dialogue for curriculum design and development within sport management university programs
  • To represent the Association in the international sport management community

SMAANZ Constitution

SMAANZ has been established predominantly by members of sport management related faculties from universities offering sport management programs. Considerable interest in the activities of SMAANZ has been shown by practitioners, interested in the latest research and its application to the sports setting.

SMAANZ Constitution