We are pleased to announce a noteworthy development as part of SMAANZ's 2023-2024 operational plan, which focuses on enhancing our commitment to Learning and Teaching (L&T) within the field of sport management. One of SMAANZ's core purposes is to facilitate dialogue for curriculum design and development in sport management, and we are excited to share our progress in 2023 toward achieving this goal. 

As we work to strengthen our dedication to sport management L&T, we are proud to introduce a valuable addition to our SMAANZ website – a dedicated 'Teaching & Learning' area. This simple but important development provides our members with valuable tools and knowledge and demonstrates our support for members in strengthening the quality of sport management education.  

Here is what you can expect to find in this area:

  • Webinars: Stay updated on upcoming webinars and access recordings of past webinars, offering you insights, best practices, and discussions related to sport management L&T. 
  • L&T Special Interest Group (SIG): We are establishing a SMAANZ Special Interest Group focused on Learning and Teaching. This group will serve as a platform for collaborative discussions and initiatives. 
  • Links and Resources: Discover a curated collection of resources, articles, and links that our members have found to be highly useful and relevant for sport management L&T. This repository will continue to grow with your contributions. 

As we progress on these initiatives, we will keep you updated with more details and opportunities for involvement. SMAANZ is committed to fostering a vibrant community of sport management professionals, and we believe that this focus on L&T will further elevate our collective impact. 

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with SMAANZ. We look forward to a year of collaboration, innovation, and growth in sport management education. 

We encourage your active participation and contributions to help populate the Links and Resources page. Your insights and recommendations will play a crucial role in making this repository a go-to source for sport management educators.  

Please send your suggested links and resources, with a brief summary of their relevance, to info@smaanz.org