The 2023 SMAANZ Conference Organising Committee looks forward to developing an exciting academic program and a range of social and networking opportunities. The UC Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (UC-RISE) within the Faculty of Health will be the supporting research institute. They will be providing HDR students to support the delivery of the conference, while event interns will be recruited thought the Faculty of Business, Government and Law’s Event and Tourism Management program.

Conference Chair - Stirling Sharpe

Stirling is a PhD candidate whose research investigates the impact of Federal Government policy on match official business units within sport organisations. The PhD is based in policy, governance, and human resource management. Stirling also researchers in Indigenous sport; sport media reporting, and social media.

Organising Committee - Associate Professor Tracey J. Dickson

After careers in accounting, finance and then outdoor education, Tracey joined the world of academia where she has taught in management, human resources, outdoor education and now events and tourism. Tracey's teaching is informed by her industry eperience and the nexus between theory and real world issues. This interest in real world issues is reflected in her research and roles with the International Ski Safety Society and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council.

Organising Committee - Charles Mountifield

Organising Committee - Hannah Campbell-Pegg

Hannah is a UC PhD candidate, whose project is titled "Footprints on the ice: An analysis of the impact of climate change on sliding sports".

Organising Committee - Damien Parry

Damien is a graduate with a MA Sport Ethics and Integrity, a joint masters program funded by the European Union. As an Erasmus Mundas scholarship holder, he had the opportunity to study across four partner universities and completed his thesis regarding Transgender inclusion within sport. Damien is currently a PhD student at the University of Canberra developing a Philosophy of Sport & Sport Ethics project entitled "The Inclusion Fairness Dichotomy" looking at the relationship between inclusion of marginalised groups in sport and issues of perceived fairness in sport.