SMAANZ 2024 Call for Submissions

SMAANZ invites submissions for presentation at the 30th Annual Conference, to be held December 3-6, 2024, in Geelong, Australia. Abstract submissions are welcome for work related to the conference theme or sub-themes listed below. New for the 2024 conference, the organising committee is also accepting submissions for conference workshops related to professional development or contemporary issues. All submissions are due by June 15, 2024, 11:59pm AEST through the online portal. Please note no further extensions will be permitted. Results of submissions will be shared on July 31, 2024.

The submission portal is now open. Please click here to submit

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 Abstract Guidelines:

Authors can appear on up to 2 abstract submissions, except supervisors on first-author student submissions. In such cases, please indicate which author is the supervisor. At least one author must register by the conference early bird registration deadline (Monday 30th September 2024) to avoid exclusion from the conference programme. All abstracts submitted must contain original research that has not been previously presented or published, if the research is under review, it must not be published before the conference.

Conference themes and subthemes for Research Presentations include:

  • Conference Theme: Celebrating 30 Years of SMAANZ Scholarship
  • Sport Communication and Media
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Sport Management
  • Sport for Development
  • Sport Economics
  • Sport Governance
  • Sport Management (Event Management, Human Resource Management, Globalisation, Organisation Management, Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Strategy)
  • Sport Marketing (Advertising, Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Sponsorship)
  • Socio-Cultural Perspectives in Sport Management
  • Research Methods in Sport Management
  • Sport Sustainability
  • Sport Management Teaching & Pedagogy
  • Technology & Innovation in Sport Management

Abstract Submission Format:

Abstracts must be 500 words or less (excluding title and author information). Abstracts should not include figures or tables. Include in-text citations following APA 7th edition but no reference list is required. All abstracts must include relevant headings for:

  • Research Purpose/Question
  • Theoretical Background and Literature Review
  • Research Methodology (if applicable)
  • Results/Findings and Discussion (if applicable)
  • Contributions (if applicable)

Please include the full name(s) of author(s) and institutional affiliation(s). Abstracts should not include figures or tables. Please use APA style for all referencing.

Authors may submit abstracts for one of the following categories:

  • Oral Presentations: Empirical, Methodological, Conceptual, or Teaching related scholarship. Format: 20-minutes (15-minute presentation; 5-minute question period).
  • Enlightening Talks: Thought provoking conversations focused on the “Next 30 Years of Sport Management Scholarship” (limited selection). Format: 20 slides with 20 seconds timed per slide.
  • Poster Presentation: Empirical, Methodological, Conceptual, or Teaching related scholarship. Poster boards will be provided for all poster presentations (3’ x 4’ dimensions).

Workshop Guidelines:

SMAANZ Workshops are designed to cultivate an interactive discussion that immerses the audience in an important sport management related topic. Authors can appear on a maximum of 1 workshop submission. All workshops will be 60 minutes in length. The organising committee will be accepting two types of workshop proposals:

  • Professional/Academic Development Workshops
    Designed to support the skill development of early- and mid-career scholars related to a specific research or teaching and learning topic.
    Professional/academic development workshops seek to engage the audience in an educational conversation that incorporates relevant examples and developmental activities.
    Topics of interest may include Writing Up Qualitative ResearchMaking Theoretical Contributions in Sport ManagementDesigning Curriculums of the Future.
  • ‘X’ and Sport Management Workshops (limited selection)
    ‘X’ stands for the topic of your choice.
    Designed to immerse all conference attendees in a contemporary conversation related to sport management research.
    X and Sport Management Workshops seek to draw attention to novel, overlooked, or repressed ideas that contribute to both the “X” and Sport Management.
    Indicative topics may include Artificial Intelligence and Sport ManagementRivalry and Sport ManagementEmotions and Sport Management etc.

Workshop Submission Format:

Workshop submissions must be 500 words or less (excluding title and author information). Abstracts should not include figures or tables. Include in-text citations following APA 7th edition but no reference list is required. All submissions must include a description of the topic to be presented and the procedures that will be used to manage the workshop. Authors are encouraged to highlight their expertise in delivering a workshop on the selected topic. Please include the full names of the author(s) and institutional affiliation(s).