SMAANZ Research Fellowship Announcement

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of the SMAANZ Research Fellowship.

The SMAANZ Research Fellowship celebrates SMAANZ community members by recognising their sustained track record of quality research publications, active participation and membership with SMAANZ, and contribution to the SMAANZ community. This Fellowship is considered an award and distinction to acknowledge high quality and impactful research alongside service to SMAANZ. Recipients of the SMAANZ Research Fellowship will be expected to continue their outstanding contribution to the SMAANZ community as a condition of the award.

An overview of the Research Fellowship is provided below:

Criteria and Requirements:

To be eligible, an applicant must demonstrate that they have produced/completed/delivered:

  • A total of at least 25 peer reviewed journal publications
  • The applicant is required to be first author on at least 15 of these publications
  • A total of at least 8 of publications in Sport Management Review (SMR)
  • The applicant is required to be first author on at least 4 of these SMR publications
  • At least 6 SMAANZ Conference Presentations, and attended at least one SMAANZ conference
  • Completed reviewer commitments for a minimum of 10 different manuscripts for SMR


  • All active SMAANZ Research Fellows are required to participate in the SMAANZ Mentoring program (provided there are sufficient SMAANZ mentees to be allocated)
  • All active SMAANZ Research Fellows are expected to review a minimum of two SMR manuscripts per year following the awarding of their Fellowship

2024 Timelines:

  • Applications open from 29-April, 2024
  • Applications close by 15-July, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted
  • Fellowship winners will be announced by September 2024
  • 2024 Research Fellowships will be awarded and recognised at the SMAANZ Conference Dinner

A similar timeline will commence for the Research Fellowship each year onward

Application Process:

  • Please find the SMAANZ Research Fellowship application form attached
  • Please follow the instructions provided within the application form
  • NOTE: your application should consist of a single document
  • All applications must be submitted online via the SMAANZ website
  • Questions on the application and process can be sent to the SMAANZ Awards Coordinator, Kevin Filo (

We are very much looking forward to receiving applications and celebrating our Fellows in 2024 (and beyond).

Thank you in advance for your applications, and please let us know if you have any questions.